We are Nordnet

As a digital bank for savings and investments, our main ambition is to help our customers grow financially. We are based in the Nordics and our mission is to build the world’s best customer experience for savers and investors.

Brand manifesto

This is what we stand for, the core of our identity

We are Nordnet. We are passionate about savings and investments. Every day, every hour, every second – we help you to pursue your dreams and secure your future. We turn the complex world of finances into a seamless and fair experience.

We bring you closer to your savings and investments, to knowledge and information, goals and dreams – whether you are an experienced investor or beginner, have knowledge or need guidance, want to spend hours or only have minutes.

We are the ones who believe in the future, where every single investment is a proof of that belief. The fast pace of technology is our pace, and we turn it into services for you.

We love to see your money grow, we love to see you grow – and we grow together.

We are Nordnet. We bring you closer to your aspirations, by offering the most engaging savings and investments experience.

Brand promise

What we promise our customers

We bring you closer to your aspirations, by offering the most engaging savings and investments experience.

Our promise to our customers is to take them closer to their ambitions as savers – whether they dream of becoming financially independent, buy a summerhouse, travel around the world, build financial safety for themselves and their families, or just think it is fun to invest in shares and funds.

We turn consumer trends and today’s fast technology development into engaging services and products that are relevant for our customers. Through both personal and financial growth, we want to give our customers the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their ambitions in life.


Our long-term ambition

The best investor you can be.


Our long-term goal is to make our customers the best investors they can be. We coach and inspire through information, guidance, social investment networks and a variety of digital advisory services. We provide user-friendly and reliable tools and applications in order for our customers to make smart investment decisions.

Our five principles

Our five principles should guide us in everything we do, internally as well as externally – from how we speak to our customers in a phone call or meet each other as colleagues, to how we create digital interactions in our product development.

Be passionate

Be the passion we want to spark in customers – in everything we do. Strive to create engaging, interesting and rewarding user experiences.

Keep it simple

Make simplicity the guiding star for every touch point. Create effortless and straight-forward experiences. Everything we say should be easy to understand, straight to the point and inspiring.

Lead the way

Help customers to achieve growth by guiding them to make the right choices, in every step they take. Be a trailblazer using innovative product experiences and daring communication.

Embrace transparency

Be transparent, honoring our founding DNA. By being open internally as well as externally, standing shoulder to shoulder with our users, we earn their trust and grow together.

Spread the word

Create experiences that are worth sharing and enable our customers to recommend us. Make them ambassadors for our brand and products.