Our business is about providing fast and clear information. There are many occasions where we need to explain and clarify issues of abstract nature or difficult subjects where photography may feel too specific or too generic. To create clear communication we have developed a number of graphical tools that help us in different contexts.

Our graphical world

The graphic world of Nordnet is based on basic geometric shapes: the line, the rectangle, the square and the circle – as well as arrows. These elements are the most used in the world of finance and infographics, which is where our inspiration derives.

The geometric shapes are  timeless and provides us with endless variations and areas of use. Keeping the graphics this simple throughout the entire brand experience creates a holistic expression, from infographics to dynamic animated communication.

The basic elements

Lines are used to divide, structure and sort information as well as for infographics.

Filled shapes are used as backgrounds or containers of important messages as well as infographics.

Arrows simplifies navigation and connects to the expression of the symbol and our customized font.


The basic shapes are used to create simplistic, recognizable infographics throughout Nordnet applications. Equally used in products, marketing and corporate communications.