Our brand.

Welcome to an open platform where you will find everything you need regarding our identity. Have a look around or dive into one of the specific elements making Nordnet come alive as a brand.

The Brand.

Nordnet was born in 1996, from an idea as simple as it was revolutionary: To take trading out of bricks and mortar branches and offer it online, giving ordinary people the power to grow their savings on their own terms.

Through the years, we grew outside Sweden to help customers save better in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Living up to our name as a digital platform for all the Nordic countries.

We added derivatives, international markets, and built a fund supermarket. We launched a modern private banking offering, digital advisory services and were the first bank in the Nordics to take trading from desktop to mobile. We paved the way for flexibility and cost efficiency within pension savings, and created the unique investment community Shareville. The list goes on.

All this is accessed on a constantly evolving platform, where usability and simplicity is at the core. We are always transparent, with no hidden fees or complexities in the fine print. But first and foremost, everything we do, we do to drive better returns for our customers. We are as passionate about them as we are about our company or savings in general. Because what is good for our customers, is good for us.

We continue to challenge structures and enable growth, by building the best platform for savings and investments. Our founding principle of democratizing savings and investments drives us to this day.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this: becoming rich is not a goal in itself. It is about independence, security, realizing your dreams and taking control of your financial future.


Why we exist.

We democratize savings and investments.

Through innovation, simplicity and transparency, we challenge traditional structures, and give private savers access to the same information, tools and services as professional investors.


Our vision.

Becoming the #1 choice for Nordic savers and investors.
To achieve this goal, we must always continue to challenge and innovate, keeping user-friendliness and customer satisfaction at the top of the agenda. We measure this in different dimensions – how satisfied our customers are with the experience we provide them, how well liked our brand is within our target groups, and in what pace our business is growing.

Brand promise.

What you can expect from us.

Building the best platform for savings & investments.

Building the best platform for savings & investments.
Through leading UX, cutting-edge financial products, automated and inspiring customer journeys as well as passionate staff, we are building the best platform for savings and investments – enabling higher returns.


What we believe in.

1. Passion.

Nordnetters lean forward and walk the extra mile to inspire loyalty and satisfaction among colleagues and customers.

2. Simplicity.

We believe that easy-to-use products, straight to the point communication and modern ways of working create engagement and activity.

3. Transparency.

By telling it like it is and being open externally as well as internally, we build trust and a sense of inclusion.

Take your savings to the next level.

Never settle for less. Always aim higher.

Regardless of interest or knowledge, it is our belief that aiming a little higher, always achieves better results. Ambition is a human driving force, and at Nordnet we have the coaches, the tools and the inspiration to take your savings upwards and onwards.

The basis of Nordnet’s brand communication concept “Level up”.

We create the conditions for our customers to grow their savings in both quality and scope. With lower fees, greater choice and inspiring tools, you get more for less. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or old in the savings game, our products and services enable opportunities for growth that few others can offer. Regardless of wallet size or prior experience we’ll provide everything you need. With us you’ll be able to take your savings to the next level and reach your goals or dreams even faster.


Typography is a main element in our identity, used throughout all touch points. The role of typography for Nordnet is to clarify information in dense environments as well as to create distinct communication.

The Nordnet font is available in 3 weights.
abcdefghij klmnopqrs tuvwxyzåäö 0123456789

Nordnet Extra Bold

Nordnet Extra Bold is predominantly used for short headlines in external communication creating contrast, impact and vibrancy. Extra Bold headlines in advertising is an important part of stating and claiming that position. We also use Nordnet Extra Bold for sub headers in small sizes where great contrast is required for legibility.

abcdefghij klmnopqrs tuvwxyzåäö 0123456789

Nordnet Bold

Nordnet Bold is used for headlines, subheadings and shorter texts for corporate and more formal communication. It is used where sophistication needs to be stressed and larger amounts of information require visual harmony, making it key in formal and corporate contexts.

abcdefghij klmnopqrs tuvwxyzåäö 0123456789

Nordnet Regular

Nordnet Regular is our standard weight for body copy and UX interfaces.

Setting the line height.

Setting the line height correctly for headlines is a key factor in creating impact and to gain the desired visual expression for the brand. Headlines should build a dense black formation – maximizing size and contrast in communication. This is achieved with a tightly set line height.

Big headlines have a tight line height.

Big headlines: Don’t have a standard line height, instead they need to be set as tightly as possible, without letters touching between the lines.

Bold headlines for vibrant communication.

Smaller headlines: Are set with equal line height and font size – in this case 24/24 pt.

Body copy:

Line height for body copy should be adjusted to achieve optimal legibiltiy. The aim is to create a well defined body where the lines are easy to follow. As a rule of thumb, use 120% of the font size.

Example: Qui as moloressus. Ime nis dolupta tempor aut lignima gnihic te lat eos sum que di berum harchil id molorum rem as magniti busapit quamenet ommoloratis que el molore non rae es assequod moditi re iur anda net aute la qui sumquat iossimi ntiosam.


  • Always left aligned text.
  • Always upper/lowercase. Not just capital letters.
  • Work with as few sizes as possible on the same surface.
  • Use punctuation in headlines.
  • Same spacing as font size for small headers.
  • All graphic elements should share the same colour in the layout.
  • Big headlines should never be longer than maximum three lines.
  • Use fewer font weights for greater consistency and compliance.



Our colour world.

Our colour palette is wide for functionality, differentiation, recognition and contrast. The base is neutral and simple, consisting of white, grays and black to ensure a qualitative expression. Vibrant colours help us to be versatile and to create excitement, to highlight information and contrast the neutral base.

Our colours refer to creativity and energy and give us the opportunity to be functional, but also to communicate with our target groups and to adjust to different contexts and needs.


Primary brand colours

PMS Black 6C
HEX #000000
RGB 0, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100


PMS Black 3C
HEX #282823
RGB 40, 40, 35
CMYK 69, 63, 68, 84


PMS Cool Gray 11C
HEX #4B4B46
RGB 75, 75, 70
CMYK 64, 57, 62, 40


PMS Cool Gray 9C
HEX #6E6E69
RGB 110, 110, 105
CMYK 57, 48, 52, 17


PMS Cool Gray 7C
RGB 160, 160, 155
CMYK 40, 32, 36, 0


PMS Cool Gray 5C
RGB 188, 188, 182
CMYK 27, 21, 24, 0


PMS Cool Gray 3C
RGB 215, 215, 211
CMYK 15, 11, 14, 0


PMS Cool Gray 1C
RGB 235, 235, 232
CMYK 7, 5, 7, 0


PMS 3272C
PMS 3272U

HEX #00F0E1
RGB 0, 240, 225

C: 100, 0, 50, 0
U: 100,0,50,0


PMS 213C
PMS 226U

RGB 255, 43, 131

C: 0,100,12,0
U: 2,100,2,0


PMS 381C
PMS 388U

HEX #D2F500
RGB 195, 245, 0

C:  22, 0, 100, 0
U: 15,0,100,0


PMS 901C
PMS 901U

HEX #00C8F5
RGB 0, 200, 245

C: 100,1,9,0
U: 100,4,10,0


The grayscale gives us a high level of sophistication at the core of our brand – and differentiates Nordnet from other banks. Colour accents are added to enhance vibrancy and function and should mainly be used for communicative purposes.

The vibrant brand colours should be used as accents – with moderation, in an overall small proportion throughout the brand. Complementary colors seen below are for infographics when needed.

Complementary colours

PMS 7474C
PMS 2231U

HEX #009195
RGB 0, 145, 149

C: 97, 22, 45, 20
U: 98,0,28,21

PMS 3025C
PMS 308U

HEX #01424C
RGB 0, 66, 76

C: 100, 25, 15, 50
U: 100, 33, 22, 30

PMS 7635C
PMS 1935U

RGB 172, 20, 90

C: 14, 91, 38, 3
U: 2,97,53,5

PMS 235C
PMS 235U

HEX #78013A
RGB 120, 0, 60

C: 20, 100, 11, 41
U: 28,98,0,21

PMS 7740C
PMS 2258U

HEX #3A913F
RGB 58, 145, 63

C: 77, 10, 95, 10
U: 70,0,95,10

PMS 553C
PMS 2411U

HEX #023C00
RGB 2, 60, 0

C: 80, 21, 79, 64
U: 80, 28, 100, 44

PMS 7684C
PMS 287U

HEX #385E9D
RGB 56, 94, 157

C: 86, 63, 10, 1
U: 98,68,0,0

PMS 2119C
PMS 280U

HEX #131F4F
RGB 19, 31, 79

C: 100, 95, 10, 20
U: 100, 85, 2, 20

The complementary colours consists of muted tones used to created harmony and calm in infographics, and could be used to differentiate categories or similar. For occasions where several colours are needed such as in piecharts, the full Nordnet palette can be combined. Make sure that you work with one colour dimension at a time to create harmony, yet making sure the colours contrast each other for clarity.

Note! Always make sure to pick colours that don’t conflict with other colours in the specific context. For instance don’t mix the blue colour scheme with the pink colour scheme. Also make sure to adapt to context and create variation, so we’re not always using the same colour combination.

Our image tonality.

The image language is important to evoke emotion and tell stories that connects with our audience. The context of imagery, the function and purpose it fills should be put at center stage to ensure variety, quality and economy for future image projects.


Our image tonality should reflect our vision, create awareness and represent our brand personality; being passionate, sophisticated, guided by simplicity, transparent and hi-tech. Our geographical position, Scandinavia, also shines through.

Our target groups are well informed, smart and aim high. That means our images needs to maintain high quality, authenticity and consistency at all times. A consistent image language creates a uniform and professional expression – which in turn leads to trust, higher recognition and builds a stronger brand.

Image types.

All images we work with will not be taken with the same purpose and end-use in mind. Some images should be in our image bank for a long time and work for several different departments they should be sufficiently universal to work with for a long time and be representative of our offer, our people and relevant topics. while others are more documentary or specifically corresponding to a temporary event.

Images should be sufficiently universal to work with for a long time and be representative of our offer, our people and relevant topics.


Images should be representative and sufficiently universal to work with for a long time.
Check list 
  • People are portrayed in a context/environment and perceived as authentic and non-stereotypical.
  • Short depth of field is used for portraits. This creates calmness, focus and areas to put graphics and text on.
  • A feeling of “moments” or a personal meeting. Let a persons character and personality shine through.
  • Even in stillness, people are experienced as active/ thinking.
  • They are in a place where they thrive and express calmness, confidence, optimism and faith in the future.
  • A calmness in colour scheme and surroundings are preferred.
  • We portray people with different backgrounds that reflect the society we live in, different ages and genders.

Environments/topics/metaphors and Savings economists.

Platform and devices.

We work with advanced technology and knowledgeable employees. We want to present how our employees and our customers interact with our technology.

The same principles regarding tonality is important to apply when presenting our product. This category in particular need images to be unique, ownable and professional. Being ”to the point”, ”guided by simplicity” and ”sophisticated” is key to step outside clichés and we are proud to present features relevant to our customers.

Check list

  • Proud and to-the-point, focus on the product by zooming in.

  • Simplistic and straight for clarity.

  • Representation and diversity are important.

  • Close-ups with devices need a short depth of field to make them interesting, functional but also to proudly focus on our platform.

  • Devices can be used in an environment as long as the context is aspirational and share the direction of our portrait and environment, topics and metaphors image


A broad category that accommodate current topics, our products, represent an industry or act as a metaphor for a message. Such as growth or balance.

Check list

  • When relevant, use people in these images as it adds a sense of scale, warmth and a human perspective.

  • When shooting photos, or choosing from stock image banks for this category, it may be relevant with a longer depth of field. But that puts even higher demands on the image to have calm areas.

  • Please keep in mind the need of flexible image sections, vertical and horisontal pruning.

  • Choose motifs that gives the audience instant, or short delay, understanding of the message. Do not over-complicate meaningsA

Savings economists.

Our Saving Economists are important external faces. They need to be presented in a professional way, in different situations and environments. Since these people are often seen in our communication, we need images of both colour and black/white in high quality to ensure variation and a successful representation for Nordnet.

Check list

  • They represent the company and holds the role of a professional expert; therefore they need to be convincing, trustworthy and well dressed.

  • The person should preferably connect with the audience by looking into the camera or ”envision the future” by looking outwards.

  • A calmness in colour scheme and surroundings are preferred.

  • They should be photographed in different settings/situations, as well as in a studio, in colour and black/white. Variation and quality is key.

  • Let the character and personality of a person shine through, in a relevant way.


”Growth is the backbone of Nordnet and could always represent our business.”

subjects / portraits.

Images who either are conceptual relating to an important campaign and/or brand-building activities with timeless qualities for long-term use in marketing and representative communication. Should share the overarching visual style of the image concept.

Check list

  • Connect with the message by portraying Growth in a relevant and appealing way.
  • Let the image tonality represent our passion for investments and savings.
  • Interpret Growth predominantly as a physical metaphor as it is easy to understand.
  • Strive to include colour in the image to create impact.
  • Do not let Growth be a reason not to come up with creative.

Images that should be sufficiently universal to work with for a long time and be representative of our offer, our people and relevant topics.

Check list

  • Choose motifs that gives the audience instant understanding of the message, do not over complicate meanings.
  • Use a variety of still life objects and compositions.
  • Make sure people connect with the audience by looking into the camera.
  • Let the character and personality of a person shine through.

Documenting life at Nordent.

Documentation images serve the sole purpose of describing the spirit, culture and events of Nordnet and should be used sparingly for external communication.



  • Adopt a documentary approach, capturing the essence of the activity in an IRL way.

  • When documenting events, such as Nordnet Live, flash can be used to create a more intense and energetic impression of the event.

  • For occasions when we cannot control quality we may use black and white treatments to align with the overarching image language.

  • PR imagery taken for documentary reasons to show a current action or happening at Nordnet should be taken in a relevant, authentic and truthful way. Keep composition simple and direct according to the same standards as all other Nordnet imagery.

  • Use perspectives, angles, short depth of field and light to create calm backgrounds.

  • Logotypes shouldn’t be used with the documentation images.

  • Don’t use documentation images for visual brand building in channels such as our website, advertising, brochures, reception screens or external Powerpoint presentations. Hence don’t put text or logotypes on top of these images.

Our graphical world.

For occasions where we need to explain and clarify issues of abstract nature or difficult subjects where photography may feel too specific or too generic, we have developed a number of graphical tools based on basic geometric shapes: the line, the rectangle, the square and the circle – as well as arrows. Timeless shapes that provide us with endless variation and areas of use. Keeping the graphics this simple throughout the entire brand experience creates a holistic expression, from infographics to dynamic animated communication.

The basic elements.

Lines are used to divide, structure and sort information as well as for infographics.
Filled shapes are used as backgrounds or containers of important messages as well as infographics.
Arrows simplifies navigation and connects to the expression of the symbol and our customized font.


The basic shapes are used to create simplistic, recognizable infographics throughout Nordnet applications. Equally used in products, marketing and corporate communications.


Download print, web logos and colour codes here.